Maula Kalika (मौलाकालिका मन्दिर) is a famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kalika in Gaindakot town of Nawalparasi district in Lumbini zone of Nepal.Maula Kalika is a very famous and growing tourist destination located in Gaindakot Municipality of Nepal. Located on the top of the Maula hill on the north of Narayani River (also called Gandaki River) in Gaindakot, Maula Kalika temple is situated 561 metres (1,841 ft) above sea level.


Historically, it is said that in the 16th century the King of Palpa created a symbolic offering site (“Maula”) in the name of goddess Kalika after which the name of the mountain (Maula hill) was derived.It is believed, in Hindu mythology that the Goddess Kali or Kalika also called Durga is the symbol of energy, power and new beginning.The temple has been renovated several times by the local people. The base area has been widened to adjust more visitors.The temple management has lately decided to stop sacrificing of the animals.